I have the privilege of knowing a lady who has been brutalised by Symphisiotomy here in Ireland and am humbled by her courage and strength, despite all she has been through!

Now in her seventies, this lady, like so many others, was maimed for life as a young woman, by thugs who betrayed both her innocence and her trust in their profession.

Surrounded by a cloak of ignorance, she never understood why, in the labour ward, she suffering torturous pain with absolutely no care, attention or explanation. She did not know what had caused her daily suffering for most of her life. Even Hitler and his cronies would wince at the barbaric treatment these women have endured!

Every aspect of their lives has been affected, not least recurring memories and flashbacks of the abuse. A career would have been impossible for most and as far as intimate relationships are concerned, for many that came to an end, the day they went into the maternity ward….

In 2014 Ireland, there is no sign of remorse from the Government. They insult these women with their paltry offers and offer absolutely no acknowledgement of what has actually happened to them. Most of them are now very elderly, infirm and are being bullied into accepting a meagre payoff. For those who continue to fight their case, the Government is forcing them to repeatedly relive the abuse: with no compassion.

There can be no one in Ireland who would begrudge the Symphisiotomy women a fair, honest settlement that truly reflected the extent of their suffering and an honest heartfelt apology.

These women are the Mothers and Grandmothers of this country and it was here that these acts took place. By not acknowledging what has happened and not seeking to put it right, the abuse continues……

Rosaleen Allen 17.12.14

This letter was published by The Sunday Times on 21st December 2014